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Transform Your Health and Reach Your Goals with Be Better You Nutrition. Our Customised Nutrition Programs and Expert Coaching will Empower You to Thrive. Whether You’re an Everyday Person or Elite Athlete, We’ll Help You Achieve Your Best Self. Get Started Today!

I help individuals learn HOW to eat to support their training, health, & lifestyle.

Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or elite-level athlete, my goal is to teach you HOW to eat, not just tell you what to eat, to support your training performance, general day-to-day life such as work, as well as long-term health & wellbeing.

Meet Cáoileánn Conway

Cáoileánn Conway SENr HCPC is a Performance Dietitian and CrossFit Coach with a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

With a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and a Masters in Sports Nutrition, she has the knowledge and experience to create tailored nutrition plans that support her clients’ individual needs and lifestyles.

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I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their health and wellness goals through personalised nutrition plans and guidance.

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